Tools to help you “Think Well”

Discuss-Here Office is a Discussion and Thinking Organisation tool to help you to “Think Better”.

This is achieved through the iOS application, which contains various rules for clearly displaying discussion points, and using the exclusive Web Portal, where you can manage the discussion and analyse your thinking.

iOS Application

Discuss-Here Office’s iOS application helps to organise your thinking.

It switches between two essential processes: 1. Creating tags, and 2. Creating connections.

1.Creating Tags
Tap on ‘Tag’ in the Dock on the lower part of the screen to create a new tag.
Tap on the upper part of the screen, and pinch in and out to change the size (the bigger the size the more strong and important the point is)
Tap in the middle to enter text. Once you are done typing, tap on the upper right to choose the tag type (Idea, Evidence, Opposition, Question, etc).
2.Create connections
Tap on ‘Connector’ (Simple connection/One way/Two way) in the Dock on the lower part of the screen to create a new connection.
Drag from the edge of the connector and it will “stick” when it comes near a tag. (You may need to redo this if your connecting line misses the tag).
Create a link between two tags by sticking the edge to another tag.

In essence, tags are used to plot ideas, and connectors are used to link these, and by repeating this process, you can construct links between ideas and manage your thinking. By grouping similar arguments and displaying these in terms of priority and time, you can easily understand and visualize your thoughts.

These rules are based on a cognitive linguistics, and Cognitee has repeatedly conducted unique experiments to polish its ability to link words with meaning to create this tool, which makes discussions easy to understand. It is designed so that you can become used to using it in under 15 minutes.

December 2012~

Used the results of investigation into each country’s logic, cognitive language and language education as a basis to carefully examine these rules.

June 2013~

Verification via the Paper Prototype

December 2013~

Examination of several hundred texts to construct the application.

Intelligent support to ‘think better’

Unlike other thought management tools, Discuss-Here Office distinctively features tools to intelligently support peoples’ thinking to help them ‘think better’.

The rules were created by our unique experiments taking guidance from patterns in “Easy to understand texts” and “Ideal/Logical texts”, and using this to work on rearranging your thinking, as well as suggest where there might be logic issues, omissions or bias.

For example, when a meeting starts the “Trouble points” or “topics” that will be focused on are brought up, when ideas are introduced evidence is produced for each of these, similar opinions are grouped together, and like this these proposals can be smoothly discussed and you can be supported in managing your thinking.

New suggestions can appear by combining the feelings of people with the calculating power of computers.

Dedicated Site

On Discuss-Here Office’s dedicated site, you can manage Discussions, publish meeting minutes, create analysis reports, manage participating members and more.

Manage Discussion and Groups
Once you log in to the site, from the menu you go to Groups and choose Discussion, you can see if there are any saved discussions from the Discuss-Here Office iOS app.
If you choose Discussion, from there you can publish Meeting Minutes and create analytical reports in just one click.
You can also establish the extent to which Discussions are shared by managing Group Members via the site.
Dicussion logs instead of meeting minutes

The thoughts or discussions which saved on the Discuss-Here Office iOS app are saved under the 'Discussions' on site.

On each Discussion page if you click “Create Meeting Minutes”, depending on how the thoughts/discussion were brought together, if many people worked on it then instead of Minutes you will be able to see a Log. You are also able to download the contents of this as a CSV file.

As well as being able to quickly view Discussions conducted on the iOS app and summaries of these, with a Log of the circumstances surrounding these, you can easily summarise these into minutes and publish them, saving you extra work.

Identify own thinking pattern by means of intelligent analysis report.

Discuss-Here Office uses its unique intelligent tools to support human thinking. The analysis tool provided in the portal allows you to conduct self-brainstorming sessions and use meeting preparation resources, among other things, and picks up on bias or insufficiencies to help you to create more persuasive presentations.

By clicking on “Create Analysis Report on each Discussion page, you can see the following:

  • Ideas per unit of time

    - Compare with other discussion on the same theme and see whether you have improved

  • Top 5 most important discussion points

    - Plays a role in understanding the Discussion as a whole

  • In what priority were ideas brought forward (in chronological order)

    - How did the discussion develop throughout the meeting, for reference

  • Content and definition of ideas, and contrast with the average value of other discussions

    - Compare with other discussions on the same theme and see whether you have improved, and enhance persuasiveness by identifying what is lacking

You are also able to download this content as a PDF file.